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There are 3 adjudication SCOPES and a total of 18 CRITERIA under the Scheme. To qualify for the Caring Company or Caring Organisation Logo, all nominations must fulfil a minimum of 2 CRITERIA from EACH of the THREE SCOPES respectively:


Adjudication Scopes Description


Caring for the Community
(Form 3A)

Partners with local social service organisations in community involvement projects,  encourages staff to take part in voluntary work and invest resources initiatives for better community life, supports underprivileged individuals to enhance their employability, and enhances the viability of the community by sharing knowledge and skills with their partnering organisation.


  • Criteria 1: Volunteering
  • Criteria 2: Giving 
  • Criteria 3: Mentoring
  • Criteria 4: Employing the Vulnerable

  • Criteria 5: Procurement of products or services provided by social service organisations or social enterprises

Caring for the Employees

(Form 3B)

Recognises its staff as important assets; devote top management’s time to listening to staff concerns and offers resources to improve staffs physical and mental health, achieving work-life balance.


  • Criteria 1: Recognises employees as an important asset
  • Criteria 2: Employee safety
  • Criteria 3: Employee wellness
  • Criteria 4: Employee family responsibility
  • Criteria 5: Work-life balance
  • Criteria 6: Well-established communication mechanism
  • Criteria 7: Benefits and Supports
  • Criteria 8: Related awards or other recognition

Caring for the Environment

(Form 3C)

Works with local social service organisations or relevant government departments in order to reduce waste, save energy and improve air quality. Establishes mechanisms to ensure that production processes minimise negative impact on the environment and enable a sustainable life.  


  • Criteria 1: Successful implementation of environmental protection practices
  • Criteria 2: Eco-friendly manufacturing processes
  • Criteria 3: Reduce carbon emissions
  • Criteria 4: Green partnership
  • Criteria 5: Environmental Label or other recognition


*Please refer to the nomination form for detailed requirements of each criterion.
Click here to download the nomination form.

Special Categories


Outstanding Partnership Project Award

Outstanding Partnership Project Award


  • The themes of the community partnership projects are mainly related to social needs of community, such as “Age Friendly”, “Community Mental Health”, “Community Involvement”, “Digital Solidarity”, “Diversity & Inclusion”, “Environmental Sustainability”, “Family Solidarity”, “Self-reliance Encouragement”, “Nurturing the Younger Generation”, etc
  • All entries should demonstrate an outstanding track record in the following areas:
    1. Sustainable solutions for meeting community needs
    2. Active involvement of all project organisers and partners, and investment in partnership relations
    3. Project is creative
    4. Ample resources invested by project organisers and partners
    5. Encouragement of employee participation
    6. Project outcomes/impacts
  • Companies/organisations that have entered the final assessment stage will be invited to make presentations of their projects to the Final Adjudication Panel. The panel will select the winner(s) of the Outstanding Partnership Project Award accordingly.


List of Barrier-free Companies/Organisations

List of Barrier-free Companies / Organisations


  • All participating companies / organisations must also be nominated in “Caring Company Scheme 2017/18”.
  • There are 2 adjudication scopes, namely “Barrier-free Communication” and “Barrier-free Environment”, and a total of 13 criteria under the List (click here). To fulfil the minimum requirement, all companies / organisations must fulfil a minimum of 2 criteria under each of the 2 scopes.
  • On-site assessment visit will be conducted by social service organisation commissioned by HKCSS. (Assessment fee to be borne by participating companies / organisations)
  • After verification assessment, companies / organisations fulfilling the minimum requirements will be examined by the Adjudication Panel, and considered for inclusion in the List, as a form of encouragement.


Business for Sustainability

Business for Sustainability


  • We invite listed companies in Hong Kong which have published ESG/CSR/Sustainability reports to apply for the “Business for Sustainability” logo. The logo will be valid for 1 year.
  • “Business for Sustainability” represents the next level of achievement after “Caring Company”. The new logo will recognise companies that are making significant progress to integrate responsible, inclusive and sustainable practices across their core business operations.
  • The Business for Sustainability logo adopts the same criteria of the Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index (HKBSI), launched by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in 2015 with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service as a strategic partner.
  • Companies achieving an adequate score will be awarded the “Business for Sustainability” logo. The online assessment platform will act as a sustainability management tool to benchmark and enhance performance year-on-year.
  • Assessment is based upon the VPI model (Values-Process-Impact) developed by PolyU in which companies are assessed in the three main areas under CSR values (Values), CSR management and CSR practices (Process), as well as the company’s contributions to the economic, social and environmental sustainability (Impact). Companies must provide information relating to their CSR/sustainability vision and principles, their management systems and practices, and the impact on a range of stakeholder groups.
  • The online assessment platform is hosted and maintained by the Sustainability Management Research Centre, Department of Management and Marketing at PolyU. Company data collected will be used for academic research purposes. The assessment process is jointly administered by SMRC and an independent verification provider, which will treat all company data confidentially. Assessment fee is HK$2,500.
  • The “Business for Sustainability” Logo is open for applications from 2 June 2017. Completed applications must be submitted by 22 September 2017. Companies are invited to complete the on-line questionnaire for their CSR/sustainability Values, Process and Impact against their seven groups of stakeholders in the financial year of 2015-16. Companies will be notified of the result in February 2018. Successful applicants will be awarded the Business for Sustainability logo for 2017/18.
  • For further details and to submit your application, please go to or and follow the appropriate link.