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References on Creating Barrier-free Culture
Establish Barrier-free Environment

Provided the disabled employees or customers/service-users with the following facilities which is easily identifiable for persons with disability to approach and to use the facilities therein without assistance or undue difficulties:

  1. Remodelled passageways like ramps, tactile guide paths, wide corridor and entrance/exits
  2. Special facilities like handrail serves as a waling aid, accessible elevator, low levelled counter top that are convenient for wheelchair-users, recess spacing of table (for computer tables, reception counters), switch button located at the lower position, washroom
  3. Various electronic sensors that provide assistance to the disabled like lighting system, audio system, induction loop system (T Switch), sign language display monitors
  4. Indicator and sign like signs with silkscreen logos to indicate the positions of doors and walls for people with low vision, braille signs, tactile maps, signs with large symbols and contrasting colours, sign language symbols suitable for the hearing impaired
  5. Facilities needed by disabled employees like Braille indicators, desktop magnifiers, mobile magnifiers, hearing aids
  6. Special transport arrangements like shuttle vehicles to ferry disabled persons
Barrier-free Environment
Enhance Barrier-free Communication

Provided disabled employees or customers/service-users with the following which allow them to obtain full and correct information about the company’s/organisation’s products/services:

  1. The website features barrier-free designs in accordance with internationally accepted guidelines and/or have received related awards or certification, including:
    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and reaching AA grade (
    • Received recognition (Silver/Gold Award) under the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme co-organised by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and the Equal Opportunities Commission
    • Hong Kong Blind Union - Accessible Digital Technology Centre: promoting the adoption of accessible digital technology designs and application and providing related advisory services to individuals, schools, employers and organizations
  2. Information about the products/services including newsletters/notices, bills, menu, etc. are clearly displayed to assist disabled persons, ie: signs with large symbols, contrasting colours, tactile sign, voice message
  3. Respects disabled persons, takes the initiative to actively communicate with them, and receive fair treatment, such as set up consultation activities/feedback mechanisms, respond and follow up their request, to publish periodically in website on the barrier-free facilities/services, guidelines on evacuation fire/emergency route plan for disabled persons
  4. Implements disabled-friendly policies, providing employees with appropriate training to encourage communication with the disabled so as to create an inclusive workplace/business environment. These include sighted guide techniques, sign language, wheelchair use
  5. Implements equal employment policies and hires disabled staff members, sets a quota for employing the disabled
Barrier-free Communication
Other Barrier-free resources:

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