Past Activities

“The 16 Personality Types” Workshop

The relationship between people is always complicated. To make the cooperative work success, we need a common goal and good strategy, but what if there is a tool that allows us to understand the personality, traits and strengths of our colleagues and partners, so that effective arrangement of work, free expression of one’s strengths and enhancement of the company's productivity is possible? Sure, many of us will happy to know.

The 16 personality test is a match-fit tool widely used by business and human resources sectors. Whether it is the boss, the department manager and the human resources can make use of this to understand the thinking patterns and personality tendencies of their subordinates, colleagues and partners, thus achieving the best result in negotiation and partnership.

The workshop, “How 16 Personality Types helps the Job Match”, organized by the Caring SME Alliance in June 28th 2019 provides a two-way approach to help the participants to understand the tendency of each personality type through the online test and tutorial, giving insights to our personality type and those around us. Tendency of thoughts affects our judgment, choice and the ways to get along with others. Contradictions are not necessarily confrontational, but only tendency of choice is different. With this understanding applied in the workplace, one can resolve the conflicts and have a breakthrough to personal limitations.