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Invitation to webinar: “Health Care Support to On-job Caregivers” Series ~ Children with Special Education Needs



Parenting is never an easy task, especially for those who take care of children with special education needs (SEN). We can imagine how much pressure it will be.

If you were an on-job caregiver taking care of SEN child/children, you are most welcome to join our webinar on 15 Jan. In the sharing session, community support services for caregivers and care recipients on SEN focus will be introduced. We will also discuss about the needs of emotional management and demonstrate related skills, and share how companies implement friendly measures to support their employers in need.

Date: 15 January 2021 (Friday) 
Time: 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Format:  Online seminar via Zoom
Capacity: 50
Language: Cantonese
Target audience:

On-job caregivers, Company staff/ management staff /Human Resources managers

Fee: Free of Charge

1. What is the pressure for on-job caregivers?

  • Ms YIU Kit Ling, Karen Chief Officer (Children & Youth Service), The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

2. Community support service to on-job caregivers and care recipients
Guest Speaker:

  • Ms Heidi Szeto, Regional Manager, Hip Hong Society
  • Ms Kaye K. Y. Lung, Project Manager, SAHK, (JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network - Family Support)
  • Ms Amy S. M. Lin, Superintendent, SAHK, (Professional Support Service to Parents)

3. Balance among work, life and caregiving
Guest Speaker: 

  • Ms Irene Ko, Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

4. Support from companies to on-job caregivers
Guest Speaker: 

  • Mr Alan Chan, Social Work Consultant, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

5. Q & A

Enrollment deadline:  14 January 2021 (Thu)

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