Diversity in Harmony – Movie-going Accessible to All

The Project “Diversity in Harmony – Movie-Going Accessible to All”

The Project “Diversity in Harmony – Movie-Going Accessible to All” was organised by UA Cinema Circuit Limited together with three NGO partners.

The project aims to make cinematic experience accessible to all, and create a harmonious community and allow people with special needs to enjoy movies with their family and friends.

In May 2018, UA Cinemas installed assistive equipment for audience with visual or hearing impairments in UA Maritime and UA Cine Times, becoming the first cinema chain in Hong Kong to make movies accessible to all.

UA Cinema worked closely with three NGO partners, including The Hong Kong Society for the Blind and the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf, to ensure the equipment is user-friendly and suits the needs of audience with visual and hearing impairments.

It also partnered with The Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association to hold trainings for training guide dogs in cinemas to ensure a barrier-free experience for the visually impaired. Pre-recorded audio description becomes more important to local film productions. More than 2,300 customers have used the in-house assistive devices.

The project aims at promoting social inclusion, and received recognitions and support from the society.

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