Sensory Garden for Social Integration

Sensory Garden for Social Integration

Sensory Garden for Social Integration

Sensory Garden is a volunteering partnership program jointly developed by Dragages Hong Kong Limited and Hong Chi Winifred Mary Cheung Morninghope School.

Dragages adopted construction expertise to design and rebuild the campus's outdoor area into a Sensory Garden. This enhances the sensory abilities of students with special education needs through sound, vision, touch, and exploration of nature.

Through the gardening of different plants, students could feel the vitality of nature by their sense of smell and taste. By rebuilding the Activity Zone, students explore the fun of facilities and practice their visual and physical coordination ability.

Dragages actively listened to the feedback of the school’s teaching team and therapists in fine-tuning the Garden that best caters to the different needs of students with intellectual disabilities.

Architects design and build the water splashing facilities and creative corridors for students to demonstrate their unlimited imagination.

Abandoned construction materials are reused to build various environmental friendly games and facilities, so that students can feel different sounds and effects.

The furnished outdoor theater allows students to learn outside the classroom and perform. The set up of Interactive corner where let students engage in various simulative communication activities, such as operating a snack store. Students can understand money value and business concepts by buying and selling snacks.

” Sensory Garden for Social Integration” with participation from 118 volunteers, benefited 300 students. It also provides many opportunities to students stepping out the school and building up their confidence by demonstrate their talents and abilities to the public to further promote social inclusion.

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