Chef Anchor (Certificate of Merit)

“Chef Anchor”

“Chef Anchor”

“Chef Anchor” is a multidisciplinary programme launched by social welfare and business sector. The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited (the Welfare Council) and The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) joined hands to respond to this social need by using innovative methods.

Occupational therapists and social workers of Welfare Council, as well as Towngas cooking instructors worked together to launch a collaborative cooking programme.

The Welfare Council helps recruit MCI participants and provide professional assessment for over 1,000 elderly and selected suitable participants.

Chef Anchor provides cognitive training for elders with mild cognitive impairment through application of procedural learning approach in cooking.

The Project also provides training to corporate volunteers, students and family members as assistants and establishes the Chef anchor volunteer team. The Project also provides a variety of supports by designing a theme song and cognitive training cookbook.

The project has reaching 1.9 million households through sending leaflets together with gas bills to Towngas customers, and holding different seminars and receiving media interviews. To facilitate a better understanding and awareness of dementia.

Has served 168 elderly, achieved encouraging results and has been recognized by medical professor. Aroused public attention on MCI and received many major awards, gaining recognitions from different sectors.

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