The Caring Company Scheme 2021/22 - Certificate arrangement
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The Caring Company Scheme 2021/22 - Certificate arrangement

Date of issue: 2022-04-22

In view of the latest developments of the epidemic situation, all certificates, including Caring Company/Caring Organsiation Certificate, Caring Ambassador Certificate(s), and Extra Order Certificate(s)(if applicable) will be sent together with CSR Times Caring Company Special edition and the Caring Company Nomination form 2022/23 by courier service to all 2021/22 awarded companies/organisations by mid Jul 2022.

Please login to the online system to confirm or update the delivery address on/before 15 Jun 2022.  (The document cannot be delivery to P.O Box via courier, please DO NOT provide the P.O Box as address.)

If you have any further queries, please contact us at :
Tel: 2864-2966
Whatsapp: 6849-9385

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