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”Health Care Support to On-job Caregivers” Series ~ Voluntary Service @Workplace

Date of issue: 2023-04-28


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The first seminar of the ”Health Care Support to On-job Caregivers” Series ~ Voluntary Service @Workplace was successfully held on 7 February. The guest speakers Ms Siu Oi Ying, Unit In Charge (R.S.W) (Community Mental Wellness Education Service) of Integrated Community for Mental Wellness under the Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, Mr Cater Ng, Service Head of Agency for Volunteer Service, Ms Ivy Wong, Senior Program Manager of Time Auction Limited and Mr Bird Tang, Co-Founder of VolTra, were invited to share their valuable experiences with more than 80 management staff and HR staff. During the session, the speakers introduced the new trend and development of voluntary service in terms of the concept, supporting and practice. Participants were also invited to exchange their ideas of promoting voluntary service within corporate with each other.

Through the event, the participants could have better understanding of the relation between voluntary service and mental health, as well as the relevant resources and networks that can help establish corporate volunteerism. Hope that the participants could gain insight from the session, so as to bring it into workplace and create healthy work culture by volunteering.

Event highlights: