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The Caring Company Scheme 2019/20 – Nomination of Special Awards

Date of issue: 2019-07-30

The Caring Company Scheme 2019/20 – Nomination of Special Awards

“Outstanding Partnership Project Award" and “List of Barrier-free Companies / Organisations" are two special awards under Caring Company Scheme,* which allowing the companies / organisations showing their excellent social engagement or enthusiasm in building Barrier-free environment and culture to the public. We look forward to the applications from any interested companies / organisations. Deadline of special awards: 20 September 2019 

Launched in 2003/04, the “Outstanding Partnership Project Award" aims to recognize the Caring Companeies or Caring Organisations and charitable organisations that response to the needs of the community through outstanding partnership project. This award commends the efforts and contributions made by cross-sector cooperation. There are more than 50 awardees now. Please click here for more details or here for 2018/19 awardee video.

Outstanding Partnership Project Award 2018/19
"Diversity in Harmony – Movie-going Accessible to All" - 
Installing the assistive equipment for audience with visual or hearing impairments in cinema regarding to their needs aims at building up disabilities inclusion.
"Sensory Garden for Social Integration” - 
Unlocking the door by sensations, enable the special education needs students to learn and study in the nature.
"Chef Anchor” (Certificate of Merit) -
With colour, flavor and songs, cognitive training is embedding in the cooking class.

"List of Barrier-free Companies / Organisations" has already accumulated around 200 locations by today. Through verifying two adjudication scopes: “Barrier-free Communication” and “Barrier-free Environment” via the on-site assessments, the companies / organisations proactively supporting the Barrier-free environment and culture would be included on the list as a manner of encouragement. 

Please click 
here for more application details and adjudication scopes.