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The Caring Company Scheme 2021/22 – Outstanding Partnership Project Award

Date of issue: 2021-04-15

The stories of past awarded projects which  you may find inspiring...

Do Good ~ Caring Action

“Do Good ~ Caring Action” launched by Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group collaborating with various NGOs, including Bo Charity Foundation, Sik Sik Yuen and SoCO. NGOs assess and refer cases to Chow Tai Fook Do Good volunteer team to visit the underprivileged, understanding their living condition and home environment, and offering diversified appropriate assistance, including in-flat maintenance service, in kind donations of basic necessities, pest control services and cleaning services. The programme encourages staff and various stakeholders to participate in community services. 63 NGOs have joined and referred near 1,000 cases for providing appropriate assistance. In future, the programme wishes to unite all to provide more assistance to underprivileged in Hong Kong

NWS Career Navigator For Youth

NWS has been partnering with NGOs since 2016 on our flagship programme NWS Career Navigator for Youth. The programme offers a broad range of career-planning support to senior secondary school students. Through this cross-sector collaboration platform, launch this innovative programme to respond to social issues. Leading 400 senior secondary school students and more than 100 teachers to learn beyond classrooms, and gain exposure on career and employability which may improve students’ future, promote the diversified development of the labor market. In its first phase of four years, customised career planning activities are provided to the youth, for examples, corporate visits, mock interviews, meetings with CEOs and job shadowing. The NWS management, staff and corporate volunteers are actively involved in the programme activities by share their employment experience with the youth. According to the a survey conducted by HKCSS, over 80% of participants agreed that the programme helps them on future planning. The programme has been recognized by the society and achieved various awards.

Neighbourhood Kitchen

The The "Neighbourhood Kitchen" project was organised by Grosvenor together with Caritas Mok Cheung Sui Kun Community Centre. The Project aimed to elevate low-income families's living standards and develop a stronger sense of community in a unique public space. The Project was launched in September 2018 as an ‘open kitchen’ targeting dwellers of sub-divided flats, where people can connect through the bonding experience of sharing food and establishing a sense of community. The Project not only provided nutritious meals to low-income families, but also organised various volunteer activities and workshops, connecting neighborhoods with a community platform. The Neighbourhood Cookbook was published in April 2019 and included inspiring personal stories, recipes and photography from the community. The Neighbourhood Kitchen attracted media attention by improving the health and well-being of sub-divided flat dwellers and arousing public awareness to the sub-divided housing and related issues in Hong Kong.

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The Outstanding Partnership Project Award was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. With the community adaptation of New Normal and ebbing of pandemic, we believe corporates and community partners are getting well-prepared. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the Outstanding Partnership Project Award will open for application this year. Please refer to the requirements of participation.

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