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The Caring Company Scheme 2021/22 – Update of Early-bird Nomination

Date of issue: 2021-09-27

The Caring Company / Caring Organisation Logos Nomination update:

Thank you for your support to the Caring Company Scheme 2021/22. We are now handling the nomination forms and processing fees that have been submitted on or before 24 Sep 2021 (early-bird deadline for HKCSS Agency Member) and the payment records would be updated and complete by end October 2021. All nominees and nominators are able to check the records through the online nomination system.

Receipts of the processing fee will start sending out in early Nov to the parties who have made payment by post.

All companies/organisations and eligible nominators are welcome to submit nominations on or before the final nomination deadline on 7 Jan 2022 (Fri).

Special Categories update:

Outstanding Partnership Project Award - We will start to contact all participants, and The First Screening Session will be arranged in end Oct 2021.

List of Barrier-free Companies / Organisation - We will contact all participants and schedule for the on-site assessment individually in Oct 2021.

Useful Links:

 The Caring Company Online Nomination System  The Caring Company Scheme Website

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