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Creating a Happy Workplace” Sharing Series (1st Seminar) Healthy Workplace - Good mental health and wellbeing

Date of issue: 2021-11-24

Healthy Workplace - Good mental health and wellbeing of employees

The first seminar of the “Creating a Happy Workplace” Sharing Series, Healthy Workplace - Good mental health and wellbeing of employees was successfully held on 18 November , with professional guest speakers Dr Felix Cheung, Clinical Psychologis of The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, Dr Candice Powell, Clinical Psychologist of the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, and Mr Alan Chan, Social Work Consultant of the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, to share their valuable opinions and experiences with more than 80 employees. The sharing session introduced the pressure of employees, the community and corporate support services for employees’ mental health, and ways to achieve physical and mental wellbeing.

Through the networking corner, the participants were able to know more about community resources, the key success factors in achieving employee mental health and wellbeing and to make friends with different sectors for more partnering opportunities.

Dr Felix Cheung

Dr Felix Cheung introduced the pressure of employees

Dr Candice Powell

Dr Candice Powell shared her experience in stress management

Mr Alan Chan

Mr Alan Chan shared successful stories of Employee Assistance Programme(EAP)

The sharing session

The sharing session was well attended with over 80 participants coming from different industries