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CLP Hotmeal Canteen

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Join Work Orientation and Placement Scheme and Receive an Allowance

Join "Work Orientation and Placement Scheme" and Receive an Allowance

An eligible employer will receive an allowance up to $51,000 for every employee with disabilities hired through the Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department under the Scheme.

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ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme 2019-20

“ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme” 2019-20 Now Open for Application

Organisations which demonstrate outstanding achievements in manpower training and development will be accredited as “Manpower Developer” (MD). All public and private organisations in Hong Kong are welcome to join the Scheme. The application is free of charge.

Closing day for application: 30 September 2019
Interested organisations may click here to download the scheme brochure and application form.